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Translation & Editing Services
Shaping your text into a literary work


Do you have a literary text that needs to be translated from English into Italian, Spanish, French, or Vice Versa? Our team of expert native speaking literary translators can provide an accurate, high quality professional translation of your text at a very competitive rate. 

Translating a text into another language is not simply a matter of linguistic skill, it requires the ability of re-interpreting narrative into another language and cultural context, without eliminating or damaging the essence of the original text, as well adapting its writing style to the new environment. We are skilled at camouflaging the work of translation like chameleons !


Revising and editing a literary text is a very important task, whether this be done from a translation or an original text, and the more skilfully this task is carried out, the higher the quality the final opera will be.  Revising and editing are not to be confused with proofreading, which is the last part of our editorial services, these involve a more in-depth research and understanding of the context, in order to give fluency and an appropriate form to the text.


After the text has taken its proper shape and structure, a final revision focussed especially on typos, missing punctuation and other little details that might have literally been overseen during the editing process, is a must. Proofreading at this stage of the creation of a work, when all the syntax and content aspect have been covered, guarantees a neater and more flowing writing. Not that proofreading is totally avoided during translation or editing work, that would be silly, but we know that the brain tends to overlook minor defects after a certain number of times it reads the same text, and we can't blame it. So it is better to give the task to spot anything that was left behind to a fresher brain.


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