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FAREWELL HELEN, from the illustrator of Jack&Jill

“Off with the old and on with the new and never a second’s thought between.”

I have chosen this quote from HELEN HODGMAN’s JACK&JILL to represent her engaging and sometimes shattering narrative.

I came across her writing around two years ago, when I was asked by Vice Versa Publishing to illustrate the cover of the Italian edition. In order to fully understand what I needed to about this novel, I read the entire book and was stricken by the story and the style in which it was written. The book threw me into a whirlpool of such contrasting situations and emotions as to create an atmosphere that only those living in that latitude can depict so vividly. Thank you HELEN, and FAREWELL.

Thank you Valentina and Vice Versa Publishing for giving me this opportunity.


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