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Maggie's Second Chance
a gentle do's rescue

La seconde chance de Maggie
Comment une gentille chienne a pu être sauvée

by Nancy Furstinger

Original Story in ENGLISH



Translated into French by Willy Billiard

Illustrations by Joe Hyatt

This book is based on a true story that happened in Texas, United States of America. Maggie, a pregnant Labrador mix, is left behind in an empty house. Discovered by the realtor, Maggie is brought to the pound, where her puppies are born. When Jeff, a primary school boy, reads in a newspaper about Maggie’s puppies being adopted and learns from his teacher that Maggie will be euthanised if no one adopts her, he has the idea of building an animal shelter to rescue her and other dogs in her situation. Together with his teacher and classmates, Jeff successfully plans and petitions their local council and with the help of volunteers, an animal sanctuary is eventually built and still exists today. Maggie’s Second Chance is a compelling story, beautifully illustrated, which brings to life the issue of animal abandonment. The final
pages of this book offer factual, comprehensive information on possible ways to help
abandoned pets.


From the book

Maggie waited, watching the door. Her growing belly grumbled. Where was her dinner? Suddenly the door swung open.
Maggie’s tail spun as she greeted her family. She nudged her empty bowl. Maggie rolled over for a treat, but the boy grubbed a suitcase instead of the dog biscuits. When the door slammed shut, Maggie was alone.


Maggie attendait, en regardant la porte. Son ventre gonflé gargouillait. Où était son repas? Soudain, la porte s&#39;ouvrit.
La queue de Maggie s’agita pour saluer sa famille. Elle poussa sa gamelle vide. 
Ils ne la regardèrent pas. La femme prit un carton et repartit. Maggie se retourna pour avoir une friandise, mais le garçon attrapa une valise au lieu des
biscuits pour chiens. Lorsque la porte se referma, Maggie se retrouva seule.

About the author

Nancy Furstinger is the author of nearly one hundred books, many of which about animals, and was an editor at two children’s book publishing houses. She shares her home with three rescued dogs (including Jolly – the real Maggie), and seven rescued house rabbits.  


Joe Hyatt is the illustrator of Buddy Unchained, an award-winning picture book about a dog
rescued from neglect and abuse. He has a career painting portraits of dogs that was inspired
by the portrait he made of his yellow Labrador retriever, Nola. Joe lives in California with
his three rescued dogs, Nola, Turtle, and Holiday. 


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