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 Estella Beltramelli

Cos'hai nella pancia?
Let It Out!

Original story in Italian



Coming soon: ENGLISH - RUSSIAN

Translated into English by Valentina Rossini and Gabriel Rowland

Translated into Spanish by Maribel Regalado García

Translated into Russian by Tatiana Serokurova

Illustrations by Guido Capoferri

Cover and graphic design by Riccardo Bizziccari

(Number of pages 40)

This nice children’s story was originally written in Italian, and it will soon be available in different combinations with English: ITALIAN-ENGLISH; SPANISH-ENGLISH; RUSSIAN-ENGLISH, for starters.

Besides being an enjoyable read, each volume of the story includes a small number of exercises to practice both languages. This means, if you are learning English, and your friend is studying Italian, you can both buy the same ENGLISH-ITALIAN version of the title.

Zebedeo is a nice kitten, maybe a bit shy, but happy. One day at school in Craft and Design, Zebedeo builds a present for his Dad with great effort. Suddenly...


From the book

A thing not said, for fear or shame, can hide inside our belly and there, start growing, swelling like a balloon. Invisible to others, but really heavy to those who have to carry it. With this annoying burden, joy disappears, whereas sadness and loneliness come forth. But if you can let it out, you’ll see magic happening upon a starry sky.

About the author

Estella Beltramelli has been a writer for many years, contributing to various newspapers and magazines as well as other online platforms. This is her first children's story.  


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