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Massimiliano Bellavista

                             Massimiliano Bellavista



Original story in Italian 

Translated into English by Valentina Rossini and Gabriel Rowland

Cover Design by Mariafrancesca Capoderosa

Art by Jon Rowland

(Number of pages 60)

The end of one person’s journey meets the beginning of someone else’s. In this short story, inspired by true events, a bundle of ordinary moments and stages in the lives of the characters is untangled by the extraordinary simplicity with which they live (and die) through them. Because all life is connected and perpetually seeking equilibrium. Not an easy task, to reflect such a grand message from a little story, but Massimiliano Bellavista achieved this and more.  At the end of the story the reader has the choice of practicing their learning language through a very interesting exercise. 

From the Book

I have come to the conclusion that there must be more than Seven Seas and that the currents are much faster and pervasive than what textbooks tell us, if all the letters he receives really come from all over the world, from the most unimaginable places and from people who I believe have never seen the sea.

Sometimes they thank him. For what, I couldn’t exactly say.

Probably for being the little father of a great idea.

Perhaps for having at the right moment prevented them from addressing all of their hatred and rage towards themselves or their beloved ones.

I think it works when combining an equal dose of chaos, chance, dreams, and sea currents, and in the end it is a bit like leafing through one of those booklets of answers that are so trendy these days.


About the Author

Massimiliano Bellavista is an engineer, Professor at the University of Siena and CEO at Keirion Consulting. He is also a blogger for, and his short stories and poems have been published in collections and magazines, winning a number of Italian literary prizes, including the recent poem La poesia e’ morta (Controluna, 2020) and Punto Triplo and other short storie (Castelvecchi, 2021), Per amore e per arte (Betti Editore, 2021). He writes articles and reviews for weekly literary magazines such as Sound 36, Toscanalibri and The Pitch. He is part of the press office of some of the major national literary festivals in Italy, and last but not least, he is the soul of Recensio and Bologna Barzhaz, creative writing schools for high school students and emerging authors.

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