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About Us

Literary works to and from English

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At first, we thought Covid-19 had snuffed us out in the cradle. Then we started thinking, taking advantage of our sudden abundance of time. “OK,” we told ourselves, “Perhaps we could re-adapt the play, instead of cancelling the show.” And so we did. We kept preparing our titles, amid surrounding confusion, uncertainty, pain, and more, whenever it was possible. Our job is not finished yet, but we have decided to launch Vice Versa Publishing anyway, as planned. We are currently releasing one title at the time: our first steps outside. Because, we believe there is still a world out there that enjoys reading meaningful literature, and we intend to reach it.

Vice Versa Publishing is an idea that has become reality, thanks to the energy and determination of those who have been able to look beyond the impositions of marketing and market trends.

Our solid cultural background, built up over years of dedicated meaningful reading, allows us to select works from published and unpublished stories that we like to call sustainable literature, where written words have the potential to renew themselves into the positive action of a reader. 

We love working with words, and are eager to find and publish literature that has a meaning to exist, and which has proved itself capable of leaving a deep impression on readers, therefore does not go wasted.  Because, after all, it has been said “a book is an impression”.

So far, we have managed to do so.

Our bilingual books come in various language combinations with English, and they all include exercises and fun didactic material to practice with in both languages. For example, if you are learning Spanish and your friend is studying English, you can both buy the same title. 

We are not called Vice Versa for nothing.

Vice Versa is launching with Italian as our primary non-English language. We aim to increase this to a number of new language combinations, and at the moment are preparing Spanish, French and Russian.

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