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Vice Versa Publishing is committed to contributing meaningful literature with works to and from English and bilingual books for children and adults, in various language combinations with English. We aim at encouraging people and cultures to connect and helping the growth of humane education.
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Schools, Teachers, and Readers

Vice Versa Publishing creates high quality bilingual books for children, young adults and adults, in English combined with other major languages taught in primary and secondary schools, such as French, Spanish and Italian. These books are versatile tools for primary and secondary school levels- as well as for adults learning another language, and can be used alone, simply as reading scaffolding, as main texts, or as didactic discovery texts, used alongside a separately available workbook.


At Vice Versa we pride ourselves in reaching for humane education, selecting meaningful stories with the power to raise sensitivity, awareness, and positive action, whatever the subject. Our stories tackle human emotion, environmental, and animal topics, but remain in the first place enjoyable and readable stories with which to practice bilingualism or an additional language.


Vice Versa also practises sustainable literature, or using high level sustainable printing materials, and local printers. Please contact us for information about out titles, activity books and discounts for bulk orders. 


My name is Valentina Rossini

At first, I thought Covid-19 had snuffed us out in the cradle. Then we started thinking, taking advantage of our sudden abundance of time. “OK,” we told ourselves, “Perhaps we could re-adapt the play, instead of cancelling the show.” And so we did. 

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