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Vice Versa Publishing is committed to contribute meaningful literature with 
bilingual books for children and adults, in various language combinations with English, to help the growth of humane education and sustainable literature.

Thank you, Helen.


Vice Versa Publishing 

At first, we thought Covid-19 had snuffed us out in the cradle. Then we told ourselves we could re-adapt the play, instead of cancelling the show. 


Jack & Jill
is now in Italian

Miles from the bright lights of Sydney, Douggie and his daughter Jill's peaceful lives in the outback, will be disrupted by the arrival of Jack. The Depression continues, but World War is looming.


Our books
Sustainable Literature

We love working with words, and are eager to find, translate and publish meaningful literature which has proved itself capable of leaving a deep impression on readers. After all, it has been said, “a book is an impression”.